Adelantado Trilogy. Book One

Sense how is it to be a pioneer in South America! Find the mysteries of the wilderness! Discover wealth and eminence with Adelantado!

The storyline of Adelantado starts in Spain amid the Age of Discovery. The Queen summons a fearless and respectable officer, Don Diego De Leon. She lets him know around an endeavor that was sent abroad to discover gold for the crown. For some time, there has been no news from the globe-trotters. The Queen awards Diego the title of Adelantado — a senator and overseer of the new grounds. He is given a mission to discover and, if conceivable, spare, the lost endeavor, and additionally gather the greatly required gold. One of the Queen’s pastors, knowing of Adelantado’s main goal, needs all the acclaim and radiance for himself. He procures a hooligan named Pablo Rodrigez to finish the mission first.

Use the Mouse to prioritize the work.

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