Northern Tale

Northern Tale 2

The Northern Tale starts in the terrains of the relentless viking Ragnar. He returns home and discovers his kingdom reviled and his sorceress-little girls stolen by the naughty witch. Ragnar sets out on an adventure to spare his family and rinse his kingdom of underhandedness.

In his trip Viking lord is helped by his daring sidekicks: courageous Druid and tricky Exorcist. Together they will confront innumerable perils. In her fierceness the witch stole all the hues from the terrains, occupied woods with furious brutes and her undead protects. Utilize your astuteness, enchantment and may to restore the parity and annihilation the wickedness!

Go crosswise over lovely woods loaded with legendary animals! Discover Ragnar’s little girls and thrashing the witch!

Use the Mouse to prioritize the work.

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