Roads of Rome 2

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Take up new dubious errands and overcome difficulties in Roads of Rome 2, an addictive diversion that effectively joins technique and time administration highlights!

Caesar, the legislative leader of Rome, has been harmed, and theres no mixture sufficiently solid in the realm of mortals that can cure him of his shocking malady. Caesars little girl Julia is in sadness and Victorius, a good broad, sets out on a long excursion to the kingdom of the Gods. The terrains of brutes are loaded with threats, so be cautious!

Clear up your direction and streets, leave blessings and offerings on the Gods holy places and help Victorius locate the enchantment mixture that will spare Caesars life. Your journey will be long and troublesome in Roads of Rome 2, however in the event that you succeed, the Gods are certain to grin down on the residents of Rome!
Use the Mouse to prioritize the work.

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